Writing Your Way from Inspiration to Publication

How can I become more disciplined? How do I know if I’m talented? Should I self-publish? A guide should give clear directions and then get out of your way. In this unique collaboration, best-selling author Dan Millman and his daughter Sierra Prasada help to orient you as you advance through five universal stages of creativity. The authors — from different generations and writing genres — first help readers assess where they are on their path. They then walk them through five universal stages — Dream, Draft, Develop, Refine, and Share. While these stages apply to writers of every stripe, the emphasis is always on readers’ navigating their own challenges, process, and goals. Insight-producing prompts and the wisdom of diverse artists (from Steinbeck and Thoreau to Spike Lee, Marilyn French, and Tom Clancy) help make every writer’s journey as rewarding as its destination.

Whether you’re seeking new goals, the discipline to reach them, a shield against self-doubt and inertia, or practical advice on sorting through feedback and connecting with readers — you’ll find a way forward in this fresh approach to writing and storytelling. The Creative Compass will transform both the stories you tell and the stories you live.