The Spiritual Paintings of Hal Kramer

The visual record of Hal Kramer’s art demonstrates a nonlinear soul journey into spirit and back to earth that reminds one of the vibrational ecstasies apparent in some of William Blake’s etchings. You will also see a deep sensuality – physicality surrendered to the dance of nature – that warms and inspires a feeling of grace. Kramer works in acrylic color; his paintings have a spontaneity saturated with the freedom and joy of Vlaminck, jiggling in fresh energy patterns familiar to us in the brush strokes of Van Gogh. Radiant, open and unstressed, these paintings display an incessant blooming, a happy day free from terror, aversion, or attachment.

Hal Kramer’s paintings make visible a spirit that has moved through him; it is part of the artist, but it doesn’t belong to him. The view belongs to any of us who can get there, and these paintings are a gift to us all, a reminder that there is something to attain.