Meir Schneider was born with cataracts and other serious vision problems. After five unsuccessful surgeries on the lenses of his eyes, which left them shattered and filled with scar tissue, doctors pronounced his condition hopeless and he was certified legally blind. The boy performed his reading and schoolwork in Braille. At age 17, Meir learned the Bates Method of eye exercises. He practiced them with a diligence that probably no one had ever applied to them before, up to 13 hours a day, undeterred by the skepticism of family and friends. Within six months, he could recognize visual objects for the first time; within 18 months, he could read print without glasses. His vision continued to improve, and today is 20/80. He has an unrestricted California driver’s license. During his recovery process, while still a teenager, Meir began to help others with a wide range of degenerative conditions, such as polio, muscular dystrophy and multiple sclerosis. He found that the same principles which enabled him to gain functional eyesight could be applied to the entire body. His discoveries led to the creation of the Meir Schneider Self-Healing Method, which has helped more than 7,000 clients reverse the progress of serious disease conditions. An internationally known therapist and educator, Meir is the founder of the School for Self-Healing in San Francisco, the author of Self-Healing: My Life and Vision, Meir Schneider’s Miracle Eyesight Method, Yoga for Your Eyes, Movement for Self-Healing, and the principal author of The Handbook of Self-Healing. He was awarded a PhD in the Healing Arts for his work with muscular dystrophy.