Meet Lucy, an independent-minded Canada goose who is hatched in the beautiful northern wilderness. Her first look at the world is filled with sunshine, wild rivers, lakes, and her close and loving family. Along with her brothers and sister, she is taught the value of working together by her patient mother. But Lucy has other ideas. She is certain that fitting in is not for her.

When the time comes for the fall migration, Lucy is determined to go it alone. She hopes to reach Texas before her family and friends and to prove that her way is the right way — at least for her. All too soon, however, Lucy finds that she is lonely, cold, and frightened. How Lucy resolves her difficulty and finally reaches Texas tells us much about the value of cooperation.

Holly Bea’s delightful, rhyming text coupled with Joe Boddy’s brilliantly colorful and playful illustrations make Lucy Goose Goes to Texas a fun way to teach children the enduring value of teamwork.