Everyone’s Guide to Teaching with Humor and Play

This book helps move teachers from a “limiting” teaching style to a “laughing” style that inspires creativity and helps students learn faster and better. With silly songs and special dress days, the authors show how to make learning fun and instill solid work habits, the joy of learning, and self-esteem.

The Laughing Classroom is packed with hands-on techniques for applying humor and play to all aspects of teaching. These techniques are divided into three categories: Warm-ups, Laughing Lessons, and Play Breaks. Included are self-help tests, heartwarming vignettes, informative charts, and quotations. Methods teach effective discipline, reframing negatives into positives, “before and laughter” scenarios, and much more. The Laughing Classroom has been a successful teaching tool for thousands of teachers, parents, speakers, and students throughout the country.