Holly Bea’s beloved bull mastiff, Buddy, is having a bad day. Left alone to guard the house while his mistress is off running morning errands, he is caught in a situation the neighborhood cats adore. Buddy can growl and bark, but he can’t touch them. And Buddy is worried. Will Holly be back soon, or is she gone for the day? Or even worse, is she gone forever?

Much to Buddy’s relief, Holly returns to take him to the park where he encounters a large pack of hostile squirrels. He wants to chase them, but Holly has other ideas. Meeting a team of crack dalmatian fire dogs doesn’t help Buddy’s self-esteem much either. And if that were not enough, Holly and Buddy have a date at doggy obedience school followed by a trip to the veterinarian. Will this day never end?

At this point, things start to look up. Aside from a rather embarrassing encounter with some hot dogs, Buddy’s day comes to a lively close. Buddy concludes that although life is sometimes challenging, God is always there for him. No matter what is going on, God is on his side. Buddy’s day is a metaphor for the doubts and anxieties most children face from time to time. It is a reminder that God believes in all of us.