Alison Bonds Shapiro is an acclaimed business consultant with over 35 years of experience working with for-profit and non-profit businesses. She earned her MBA in 1990 while concurrently pursuing her passion for creating fine art.

In 2002, after completing four paintings for a children’s book, Alison had two brain stem strokes, 24 hours apart, and was profoundly disabled. She was paralyzed and, so she thought, without a productive future. After her remarkable recovery, chronicled in Healing Into Possibility, Alison went on to finish the paintings for Just for Today. Alison brings the powerful tools she has learned through her journey to her work in helping others discover and realize possibilities.

She currently works with stroke survivors and their families, leading motivational seminars for rehabilitation patients and their care networks in numerous locations nationwide. She is an advisor to a nonprofit dedicated to stroke survivors. Former chair of the board of trustees and honorary Ph.D. of Saybrook University in San Francisco, Alison now lives in Roanoke, Virginia with her husband. Visit her on the Web at