A Goose Named Gilligan is the true story of a beautiful, untamed river, a man who cherishes that river and all its creatures, and an extraordinary goose who chooses a new home.

The Wabash River is receding, so Jerry embarks on a mission to rescue the exposed river mussels from a pack of voracious raccoons. As he heads home, Jerry happens upon another creature facing a life-threatening difficulty. A beautiful wild goose has been caught in some carelessly discarded fishing lines. Unable to fly, the goose will surely drown if something isn’t done. After much effort and risk of injury, Jerry finally manages to free the goose from his predicament. Once rescued, the goose realizes that this human is a friend and can be trusted.

Gilligan follows Jerry home, but Jerry believes with all his heart that wild creatures should be left wild. Jerry decides to put his own feelings aside and allow Gilligan to reach his own conclusions. How a wild goose resolves this dilemma is a touching reminder to children that any conflict can be solved creatively. Poignant lessons are learned as these two unusual companions navigate the conflicts that arise between friendship and freedom.